Brian (binarypunisher) wrote in bhsunderground,

Revenge of the health nazis! (And dont you dare quote Godwins Law)

Okay, Ive lived (painfully) with this new lunch menu for a week now, and I like to say it totally blows.

The quesadillas today were awful, how hard is it to ruin such an easy thing to make? Cheese + Tortilla

Or how they always run out of cookies 1/3 of the way into 3rd lunch.

Or how the french fries are only available 2 days a week, yet they have failed to offer a decent alternative.

Or my personal favorite about removing sodas, what the hell? The drinks they offer now are crap. If youre going to remove the soda, at least put in a decent alternative. And no, grape juice is not a decent alternative - I drank grape juice in preschool, and outgrew it by 1st grade.
How about some of that health expensive soda, like Spritzer? Or how about the minute maid lemonade?

Then with the donuts, the alternatives they offer are poor at best. Has anyone tried the poppyseed muffins? They are disgusting. I havent tried the scones, but itd be great to offer a non nut, non crappified version.

And now the cheeseburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches are more expensive, why? Because they are all "natural".

This whole new lunch program really blows.

Why cant Blanchet just let people eat what they want, people are their own best guides. Besides, by comparison Blanchet has A LOT less fat people than other schools, and the fat people I know were eating pretty good to begin with.

Blanchet has just sent message that "We dont care what you think or want, we think know whats best for you even if it doesnt work at all"
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